We want you to have a positive experience throughout your application; one that will inspire you to develop as a person, and as a professional. Here’s what’s involved in our application process:


Your application form will give us all your basic details, and tell us about your studies and experiences. You’ll then do the online test, which looks at your strengths, numerical reasoning skills and also how you’d fit in with our company culture. All up, it should take you up to one-and-a-half hours to do.

You can prepare for the numerical reasoning section by doing practise tests at Just register your details, and head to the AssessMi section. And, to prepare for the cultural behaviours and strengths questions, think about the things you enjoy doing, the things you do well, and how they’ll be beneficial to the role you’re applying for.

You can also spend time getting to know more about our company by reading our Personal Responsibility Code.

Everyone who applies will get a feedback report within a couple of weeks, and those who do well will be invited to a video interview.


This interview aims to find out more about what motivates you, and to see if this matches up with our business’ goals and needs, too.

Again, this is a strengths-based assessment, so you can prepare by making some notes about what you enjoy doing, and how you think those skills will help you in your chosen programme, at Lloyds Banking Group.

As this is a recorded interview, you can do it at a time and place that suits you – whether that’s early in the morning or late into the night. We recommend you pick somewhere quiet though, and it’s a good idea to turn off your mobile phone, too.

We’ll let you know soon after, whether you’re invited to an Assessment Centre.


Discover more about us as we get to know you better too at our assessment day. We’ll send you more information closer to the date to help you prepare, but overall, we’re looking to see how your strengths come to life in the real world.

Here you’ll take part in group activities, role-play exercises and a one-to-one interview. And, if you’re applying to an analytical programme (like Finance or Commercial Banking) you might also complete another numerical reasoning test.

Everyone receives a full feedback report within seven days of the Assessment Centre, where we’ll let you know what your strengths are and what areas you can look at developing too. And, if you’re successful, we’ll offer you a place on our Graduate Leadership Programme. You’ll receive a written contract of employment within four weeks.