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Our diversity is what makes us great. Different people, with different personal and professional skills and passions, suit different career paths. Click segments of the wheel below to see what kind of people thrive in our varied business areas and programmes. See where you can make a difference.

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  • People Maestro

    Our People Maestros really know how to engage people and shape their thinking. 

  • Solutions pro

    Solving problems for business and for customers 

    • Assistant Project Manager
    • Customer Operations Assistant / Analyst
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  • Strategy Ace

    Our Strategy Aces base their solutions on facts and figures. 

    • Investigator
    • Finance Analyst/Financial & Regulatory Control Analyst
    • Risk Analyst / Credit Officer / Fraud Officer

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  • Tech Marvel

    Our Tech Marvels aren’t necessarily ‘techies’ they just love the way technology makes people’s lives easier.  

    • Digital Banking
    • IT Business Management

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  • Relationship Champion

    As a Relationship Champion, you’re trustworthy and great at building relationships. You want your work make a positive impact on other peoples’ lives.  

    • Telephone Banking Consultant
    • Customer Service Assistant / Adviser
    • Personal Banking Adviser / Consultant
    • Assistant Relationship Manager
    • Mortgage Telephony Consultant

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