What qualifications do you need for apprenticeship programmes at Lloyds Banking Group?

It all depends on the programme level you're interested in.

For Level 2/Intermediate and Level 3/Advanced apprenticeships we don’t have any specific GCSE requirements, but you must be proficient in English and Maths.

For Higher Level apprenticeships (i.e., Level 4 and above) we’ll expect you to be educated to A level standard and/or have successfully completed a Level 3 apprenticeship.


Apprenticeship Opportunities

What types of apprenticeship programmes do you offer?

We offer a wide range of apprenticeships from Level 2/Intermediate right up to degree level (Level 6/Higher) and also an IT ‘degree apprenticeship’.

Discover what kinds of roles might suit your strengths, talents and interests – and see where a career at Lloyds Banking Group can take you. Play our game here.

How do I know which apprenticeship would suit me best?

Each apprenticeship is designed for a specific role, so finding the right apprenticeship for you, means asking the questions, ‘What do I enjoy doing? What am I naturally good at? What are my strengths?’

We’ve created a game to help you answer these and, depending on your answers, it can point you in the right apprenticeship direction. It’s called Discover What Matters, and it can tell you all about the type of careers we offer.

Also, take a look at our online brochure and explore some of our apprentice profiles, here, for more information.

What if I can’t see an apprenticeship that is suitable or in my location?

If you can’t see the right role for you to apply for at the moment, you can register your interest for an apprenticeship, or for a specific location, here

We’ll keep your details to hand and get in touch when a role that suits your preferences becomes available.

How long is an apprenticeship with Lloyds Banking Group?

Each apprenticeship is different but you can see how long each one runs, below:

  • Level 2/Intermediate – 12 months
  • Level 3/Advanced – 18 months
  • Level 4/Higher – 2 years
  • Level 5–6/Higher – 3 years

Will I have a permanent job at the end of my apprenticeship?

You’ll have a permanent job from the moment you start your apprenticeship with us. And, we pay you the full salary for the job you are doing, not an ‘apprentice pay rate’.

What will I get at the end of the apprenticeship?

Everyone on our apprenticeships gets a nationally recognised qualification and a ‘graduation’ certificate from Lloyds Banking Group.

Successfully complete an Intermediate Apprenticeship (Level 2), and you’ll have the equivalent qualification of five good GCSE passes. And, you can continue studying too, if you like, because those are the entry requirements of an Advanced Apprenticeship.

Those who successfully complete an Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3) receive the equivalent to two A-level passes, which is the entry requirements of a Higher Apprenticeship or degree level qualification.

You can see there are lots of opportunities to continuing learning and developing, even after your apprenticeship.

Pay & Benefits

How much will I earn as an Apprentice?

We pay our apprentices for the work they do, not an ‘apprentice pay rate’ like other organisations. So it depends on the job you are doing, and you’ll be paid the full rate for that role. Based on a 35hr working week, this would range from £288-£403 per week, and you can find the exact salary information on all our vacancies.

What hours will I work?

This depends on the job you are doing, but you can find out by checking each vacancy’s hours and working pattern.

What holidays will I get?

Holiday entitlement is linked to the Grade of the job you are doing and to the length of service.

At Grades A and B you’d start on 22 days’ holiday, which rises to 27 days, with 5 years’ service. At Grade C you start on 24 days’ holiday and this rises to 28 days, with 5 years’ service.

Application Process

When do you recruit?

We recruit over 1, 000 apprentices each year but when, depends on each apprenticeship: 

-        At Level 2/Intermediate and Level 3/Advanced we recruit throughout the year, with start dates all year round.

-        At Level 4/Higher and above, we usually recruit in the summer for apprentices to start with us in September or October.

Where are your apprentice vacancies?

We recruit across the UK (in England, the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) in our Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland branches. We also have vacancies in many of our larger business ‘hubs’ which include Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff/Newport, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds/Halifax, Liverpool, London, and Manchester.

You can search for apprenticeships by location, on our Job Search page

What is the application process?

You can find all of the details for our apprenticeship application process, here.

What is an Assessment Event?

The assessment centre is where we invite candidates to spend either half a day or a full day showing us their strengths and talents as they perform tasks and activities that might occur in a workplace. 

These would include all, or some, of the following:

-        a face to face interview

-        a team exercise

-        a presentation (on a subject prepared in advance); and

-        a written exercise.

If you’re invited to one, we’ll assess you against the criteria we’ve set for the role, so it’s not a competition between candidates. Instead, we want to see how well you work together and on your own. And, depending on the number of vacancies we have for the apprenticeship you’ve applied for – all or none of the candidates may be successful.

What will make my application stand out?

We're looking for people with a real passion for what they want to do – and for Lloyds Banking Group too. You’ll stand out if you can show us that you know about our business – our different brands, our vision and even who our competitors are. It’s also really important that you can explain in your application and at an interview, why you’d really like to do the type of work and apprenticeship you’ve applied for.

Take a look at our corporate website to find out more about us: http://www.lloydsbankinggroup.com/

Will it matter if I have very little or no previous work experience?

Previous work experience isn’t essential but we’ll still need to assess if you have the right attitude and ‘passion’ for Lloyds Banking Group and the apprenticeship you’ve applied for. You’ll need to show us what other things you’ve done, and the skills and experience you’ve gained from other activities – whether it’s volunteering or captaining a sports team.

For example, if you play sport you may be able to talk about being a team player or managing a team or having to commit to train and attend practice, and managing your school/college work alongside your sport. If you’ve done a Duke of Edinburgh Award or any volunteering work, you can talk about your experience doing this. If you’ve had a part-time or summer job, you can talk about what this has taught you. The job itself isn’t important.

What we’re interested in, is if you can transfer the skills, knowledge and experience you’ve gained to working in a professional environment like ours. It’s who you are and what you can offer that matters.