Anticipating the needs of our global clients is at the heart of Lloyds Banking Groups’ Clients & Markets business area. Within our Commercial Banking Division, Clients & Markets are responsible for providing innovative debt financing and risk management products and solutions for corporations, financial institutions and the public sector.

For those who are curious and keen to develop, our Clients & Markets graduate programme and internships are exciting opportunities to explore our business, and your interests.

You could play a key role in one of the following teams: 

Financial Institutions (FI)

Financial Institutions manage relationships with customers across the global financial services sector, providing industry insights and strategic solutions to our UK-based clients and overseas businesses investing in the UK. Our teams are based in London, with a presence in New York and Singapore. 

Capital Markets (CM)

Capital Markets provide debt financing and risk management products and solutions for corporates, financial institutions and the public sector. CM covers a variety of products including Bonds, Derivatives, Loans, Securitisations as well as bespoke solutions developed by our teams. 

Financial Markets (FM)

Financial Markets work within risk management, while providing a link between customer facing teams and our external clients. The Sales teams work collaboratively with the relationship teams. Our research teams provide economic research to clients and the Group, while our Products teams look after trading products.  

Global Corporates (GC)

Global Corporates are responsible for managing the Group’s relationships with major corporate clients, including 80% of the FTSE 100 companies. With headquarters in London, we also operate out of offices in Europe, North America and Asia.  

Global Transaction Banking (GTB)

As regional based teams, with a global reach across Europe, Asia and North America, Global Transaction Banking are at the centre of product innovation and development. We help our clients to operate and grow by helping them to manage their day to day transactions efficiently. 

Client Asset Management (CAM)

Client Asset Management teams manage the capital of Commercial Banking and focus on building long-term client relationships. 


This programme is designed to inspire and encourage graduates interested in financial markets and the global economy – people like you – to develop a career you can thrive in. 

You’ll discover new passions and enhance your skills by working with a range of corporate clients – from large multi-national corporations, to small local businesses. Plus, you’ll work alongside and present your work to senior colleagues across Commercial Banking, gaining valuable exposure and experience. 


Our internship programme is a great opportunity to discover more about Lloyds Banking Group, but also about your strengths and interests. Spending time in one of our varied Clients & Markets areas, you’ll learn about client management and our products, as well as the unique skills you can bring to the teams you’ll work in. Along with valuable insights, you’ll learn more about where you can start a career that matters, once you graduate. 

Locations: All of our Graduate Leadership Programmes are rotational and our Clients & Markets roles are based in London. Interns will stay in the same location for the duration of the programme.  

Salary: Graduate salaries start at £38,000p.a. and Internships are £21,000p.a. pro-rata.

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