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Contribute innovative ideas and sound business solutions to enhance the financial health of organisations around the globe.

Lloyds Banking Group’s vision to be the best bank for customers means looking after the needs of clients at home in the UK, but also across the world. Our Clients and Markets teams do just that. We’re looking for people who are interested in global economies and financial markets, and who have a passion for talking to, and learning from others. If you’re inspired to take on new challenges in a fast-changing environment, discover more about our Clients and Markets Graduate Leadership Programme.


For people with thought leadership, and who enjoy building trusted relationships, the Clients and Markets Graduate Leadership Programme lets you develop these skills and more, within a FTSE 100 organisation.

Clients and Markets provides a range of bespoke financial solutions, such as debt financing and risk management products, to a range of domestic and international businesses which operate and invest in the UK. As we’re part of a transforming industry, we constantly develop and offer digital innovations like our corporate client online channel, to meet clients’ ever-evolving needs.

Whether in coverage or product areas, you’ll help us anticipate the needs of clients including corporates, financial institutions and the public sector. Most importantly, you’ll grow personally, and gain the right experiences to help you establish a great career, and make an impact on people, communities and businesses across the UK.


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Join us on this two-year rotational programme, and you’ll spend six months on four different placements in London. Your first three will be in risk, relationship management, and products, and you can choose either an additional relationship management or products role, for the fourth.

Each placement is designed to give you insights into how these areas contribute to our business, and how they collaborate with each other to deliver for our clients. You could make a real impact in:

Financial Institutions: Financial Institutions (FI) manage relationships with customers across the global financial services sector, providing industry insights and strategic solutions to our UK-based clients and overseas businesses investing in the UK. Our teams are based in London, with a presence in New York and Singapore.

Commercial Banking Markets: Commercial Banking Markets (CBM) provide debt financing and risk management products and solutions for corporates, financial institutions and the public sector. It also covers a variety of products including Bonds, Derivatives, Loans, Securitisations as well as bespoke solutions. Our people provide a link between customer facing teams and external clients. In Sales, they work collaboratively with the Relationship teams. And our Research teams provide economic research to clients and the Group, while our Products teams look after trading products.

Global Corporates: Global Corporates (GC) are responsible for managing the Group’s relationships with major corporate clients, including 80% of the FTSE 100 companies. With headquarters in London, we also operate out of offices in other UK regions, Europe, North America and Asia.

Global Transaction Banking: As regionally based teams, with a global reach across Europe, Asia and North America, Global Transaction Banking (GTB) is at the centre of product innovation and development. Our bespoke support services help clients to operate and grow, by managing their day to day transactions efficiently.

Client Asset Management: Client Asset Management (CAM) teams manage the capital of Commercial Banking and focus on building long-term client relationships.

Throughout the programme, you’ll discover new passions and enhance your skills by working with teams to deliver for clients. You’ll gain a solid understanding of our market approach and learn a lot about how to manage relationships. You’ll also work closely with our digital teams too, as part of our journey to become a financial organisation of the future. That could involve anything from rolling out digital products, to taking part in our Innovation Labs.

To give you broad exposure and experience, you’ll work alongside and present your work to senior colleagues across Commercial Banking. You’ll also have the opportunity to lead on volunteering initiatives that help communities across the UK. Plus, you’ll study for a professional qualification – either with the Association of Corporate Treasurers or to become a Chartered Financial Analyst.

On completion, you’ll have a clearer understanding of how you can develop yourself and your career, and the important impact you can make to UK & global businesses.

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Our Graduate Leadership Programmes are rotational, and our Clients and Markets roles are based in London.


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