Over two years and six months on this programme, you’ll experience a variety of placements and cities across the UK. Three placements will be within different areas of HR which will broaden your skills and knowledge of our various functions. A fourth placement will be in the wider business and will provide you with a picture of how other parts of our organisation function.

The placements offer great variety and you could find yourself strategically partnering our business areas in everything from managing team changes to facilitating training. Or you could play a role in attracting, recruiting, developing and engaging people. All placements are designed to help you realise your strengths and build your skills in team-work, building relationships and engaging others, and while developing your leadership abilities.

Lloyds Banking Group is a responsible business with a progressive culture; one that takes people seriously – their career ambitions, their rewards and their need for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. You’ll play a prominent role in shaping this further, and you’ll benefit from it too. Mentoring from experienced leaders, masterclasses, valuable on-the-job training, and support to achieve an MSc in Professional HR, will contribute to your development and prepare you for your future career.

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Joining our teams for a 10-week internship will give you incredible exposure to the world of HR. You could find yourself working alongside our HR Change and Operations teams or in one of our specialist HR Centres of Excellence. We’ve designed the experience to ensure you can also discover how our business area interacts with the rest of our complex organisation – and see the impact HR has on its success.

To give you some goals throughout the internship, you’ll get a robust learning plan and development support from local managers and leaders. Through on-the-job training and tailored learning modules, you’ll build your interpersonal, communication and influencing skills and explore how your unique strengths can add value to the teams in which you work.

Above all, we’ll make sure you have an experience that will challenge, stretch and develop your skills, and inspire you to pursue your passions, once you graduate. 

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