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Our core purpose is to Help Britain Prosper - however recognising the global pandemic, we understand our role in helping Britain recover. We have served Britain through our products and services for more than 250 years, across every community, and millions of households.

Our success is interwoven with the UK's prosperity and we aim to help Britain prosper by operating as a responsible, sustainable and inclusive Group. This underpins our purpose and the way we deliver our strategy.

Our approach to responsible business ensures that colleagues are equipped to make the right decisions supported by our values-based culture and the way we embed responsible business in our policies, processes and training.

Helping Britain Recover plan

Recognising the global pandemic will have lasting social and economic effects on the United Kingdom. Its impact has been felt by everyone, whether through financial hardship, reduced choices, mental distress or personal loss.

Given the pandemic and our unique position at the heart of the UK economy, our priority for the next phase of our strategy is to focus on helping Britain recover and we are committed to working with others in five areas where we can make the most difference.

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