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“My work protects customers from fraud."

Ann-Fernee Haye, Data Analyst Apprentice

Ann Fernee Haye Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship in data analysis at Lloyds Banking Group allowed Ann-Fernee to discover her true calling. She tells us about her experience, what’s she’s learned, and the importance of giving back.

I’ve expanded my knowledge in so many areas

“Before I joined the bank I had pretty much zero experience in banking, but I knew from doing a degree in psychology that I enjoyed working with data. Through my apprenticeship, I’ve learned a lot about analytics, banking and the fraud industry. I’ve even learned how to code.”

My team is really diverse

“We’re a mix of Engineers, Data Analysts and Data Scientists who all get along really well. We always make time for each other: even in lockdown we continued doing weekly lunches over video call instead of in person. To me the highlight of the year is usually our lab’s Christmas party.”

My work has a real impact on customers

“A big part of my job is taking data and turning it into insights that we then use to protect our customers from fraud. The projects I work on cover all kinds of areas, from User Authentication to Confirmation of Payee. They save our customers millions of pounds each year.”

I volunteer to give back to the community

“Volunteering is something that’s really important to me and it’s a big part of life here at Lloyds Banking Group. Since joining, I’ve taken part in Women of the Future events and I’m actively involved in a programme that helps young people from less privileged backgrounds find careers in banking.”

I’m encouraged to own my own projects

“I’ve had two phenomenal managers and a great mentor who have all been integral to my growth. From day one, they’ve encouraged me to take responsibility for my own projects and supported me all the way. It’s really helped build my confidence.”

My advice to new starters

“Be open-minded. Don't be shy – just go up to others and ask them about what they do because everyone is there to help you succeed.”

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