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“We have freedom to explore.”

Billy Hillyer, Internal Audit Apprentice

Billy Hillyer Apprenticeship

Coming straight from sixth form to do a four-year Internal Audit Apprenticeship, Billy has hit the ground running working for our Group Internal Audit team in London. Plus, he’ll have a master’s equivalent when he finishes.

The support of senior staff is amazing

“In my first week, when I was brand new and still finding my feet, the Retail Director pulled me aside for an informal chat. She’s very senior and very busy, and it was just incredible that she took the time to give me some tips and make me feel welcome. Right away, I saw that they make a real effort here to make us feel valued.”

I’m applying my studies to my work

“As an apprentice, I’m already a full-time employee, but there’s also the educational part that will lead to my qualification. This means we also have coursework and exams (I’ve already passed my first one!). Equally, I’m learning a lot on the work side of things. We’ve been making important findings that can lead to improvements in the business – which makes what I do all the more meaningful.”

We’re encouraged to grow and develop

“My line manager is so supportive. We have regular one-to-ones, and sometimes we’ll go over my development plan and she’ll ask me, ‘Where do you think your areas of weakness are, what skills would you like to develop or improve?’ And when I’m interested in something new, like data analytics, I can just go and learn about it. We’re given plenty of flexibility to guide our own growth and build on our skills.”

I help other school leavers

“One thing I’m involved in that’s close to my heart is Step Into Work, where I help students like myself who want to go straight into work rather than university. Since I’ve been in that situation before myself, I really feel I can add value – I know what all the options are and I can help people get to where they want to go.”

I’m involved in lots of rewarding activities

“I’m very keen on giving back to the local community, so I’m doing things for Lloyds Scholars, a social mobility programme that works with students from lower income households. I’ve also been working closely with my more senior colleagues on our team’s summer challenges to help raise money for charity; it’s been a great way to get to know them a bit more too.”  

Enjoy your time to the fullest

“Along with getting your qualification and experience working, be sure to take advantage of all the great opportunities that come your way.”

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