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“My career path is clear.”

Chay Willmott, Markets Apprentice

Chay Willmott Apprenticeship

When he weighed up going to university or getting a degree equivalent through an apprenticeship, Chay decided earning his own money and going directly into work was the right decision for him.

I’m turning what I learn into tangible outcomes

“I found the idea of moving to London for an apprenticeship and joining the world of work – while continuing with my studies – really appealing. I’ve made a lot of new friends like I would have in uni, but I feel I’ve got an edge as I’m putting what I learn to practical use.”

I recently led my first client project

“We had to create a pitch for an FTSE 250 client, and my manager was keen for me to take the lead. Even though I was working with senior team members, it was up to me to decide which slides to include, what we should try, and what we should discuss. It’s great being involved in something which has a material impact on the business.”

Learning is highly valued

“When joining a team, all members, regardless of seniority, will take the time to explain systems and processes to you. The focus isn’t just on the result but also on having a clear understanding of how and why you got there. You feel that all questions are welcome and that people sincerely care about your progress.”

Life outside work is considered important

“All the teams have been very understanding of the fact I’m working towards a degree equivalent as part of my scheme, and study leave requests are always accepted. By the same token, mental health and wellbeing are highly prioritised here. The feeling is it’s better to keep yourself grounded, to take time off for personal reasons if you need to, and to have a good social life.”

There’s always something interesting to do

“The bank hosts lots of social and educational events, such as guest lecturers, lunch and learn, or even things like talks about sleep and nutrition. On the social side, we often meet up for drinks or go out for meals. Highlights were when we went to Bounce, the big ping pong club in London, and a very memorable beer pong night.”

Don't worry about what you don't know

“Everyone here is super helpful, you can ask as many questions as you like, and you’ll learn on the job.”

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