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Simple ways to boost your wellbeing

In need of a little pick-me-up? Looking for different ways to incorporate some mood-boosting habits into your routine? If you don’t think the usual yoga and meditation techniques are for you, don’t worry – we understand that everyone is different and there’s more than one way to relax. Here’s a range of wellbeing activities you can try, whether you’ve got a minute or a little more time on your hands.

Only got a minute? You could…

  • Make a list of things that make you happy. Remembering what brings you joy can help elevate your mood if you’re feeling low.
  • Dance like nobody’s watching! There’s nothing like jumping around to your favourite tunes – plus, it can give you an endorphin boost.
  • Get creative by doodling. Grab a pen and paper and get those creative juices flowing! Challenge yourself to create a masterpiece in sixty seconds.
  • Take some deep breaths. It might sound basic but many of us tend to stop breathing deeply when we’re stressed. You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel after a minute of deep, focused breathing.
  • If you can, step outside. A change of scenery can be (almost) as good as a holiday. Even if it’s just for a minute, stepping outside and breathing in some fresh air can refresh your mind and soul. If heading outside is out of the question, take a minute to explore an amazing location online, seek out beautiful drone footage, or take a wander on Street View.
Cindy: Think of three things I'm grateful for

Cindy: Think of three things I'm grateful for

Adam: I give my friend a call when I'm not feeling my best.

Adam: I give my friend a call when I'm not feeling my best.

Got 15 minutes to spare? Try…

  • Making a healthy snack. Eating well is a key part of self-care, so think about what you’d like to eat and take a quick break to make it. It could be something as simple as a fresh smoothie, or you could whip up some eggs for a protein-rich meal.
  • Calling someone you love. Give your best friend, your sibling or your partner a ring and have a chat about your day. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy conversation – even a short call with your favourite person can do wonders for your mood.
  • Tidying your room. Set yourself a 15-minute time limit and do all you can to clear the clutter in your room. You’ll feel much calmer in a clear, tidy space.
  • Taking our Study Tips Quiz. Find out what your main challenges are when it comes to studying and discover how you can overcome those barriers.

Free for the next hour or so? Why not…

  • Have a bath. Research shows that having a bath is as good as brisk walk. So run a hot bubble bath, hit play on your favourite podcast or TV series and indulge. After all, it’s good for you!
  • Go forest-bathing. No, this doesn’t involve getting wet in a forest; it’s all about spending quiet, mindful time in nature to calm your mind and body. If heading outside isn’t an option, you can try a version of this online: hit play on a relaxing nature video, breathe in and enjoy.
  • Watch a funny movie. It could be a new movie you’ve been meaning to watch, or one of your old favourites. The key is to choose a film that’s uplifting so you feel relaxed and happier after.

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