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Supporting our colleagues through lockdown

Callum Richardson, Insurance and Wealth Graduate

As the nation went into lockdown this March, the number of our colleagues who needed to be set up to work from home more than tripled overnight. As we shipped out 20,000 laptops and 25,000 office items, Callum was tasked with keeping his colleagues in Wealth connected to their customers – by getting 500 of those laptops, phones and headsets to their homes as quickly as possible.

It felt good to support my colleagues

"Lots of my colleagues have been with the bank for a long time – 30 years in some cases – and never worked from home. When lockdown began, it was my job to get equipment to them so that they could keep helping customers remotely. There were all kinds of technical issues, so our working group set up a daily call and a shared mailbox to quickly investigate and fix any problems.”

I learned how to stay calm and manage expectations

“It was quite an unpredictable situation. Many other companies were trying to source the same equipment as us, so there could be big delays. For me the biggest challenge was learning how to stay calm and manage other people’s expectations at the same time. It’s a skill that I’ll definitely take forward in my career.”

As a team, we made a difference

“It was only me and a few others working on the project at the start, but my colleagues stepped in to support when it became too challenging for us to handle alone. From the beginning we made sure that communication was a priority, with regular calls to check in and help from senior management to escalate any issues. It was a challenging project which completely took over my day-to-day role. But knowing that we were genuinely making a difference was incredible.”


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