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Supporting the NHS with the help of my team

James Baxter, Retail Customers and Products Graduate

Giving blood has always been important to James. When he was assigned the role of Charity Lead for his team, he took the opportunity to make an impact through his work by organising a blood drive for his colleagues.

I created an initiative that really mattered to me

“The NHS always needs blood. I’ve been donating since I was 18 and my mum’s given 50 pints of blood in her life. She can’t anymore due to heart issues, so I decided to carry on her legacy with a colleague blood drive. We set a big target of 100 donations in a year. A lot of people were nervous about it, so to reassure them I wrote a blog post explaining my own experience and created an online platform where we could track the progress we made.”

My colleagues supported me to make it a success

“This project really taught me how to run a project by combining my own knowledge with other people’s expertise. My colleagues showed me so much support, helping me to develop a communication plan, creating graphics for the online platform and promoting the initiative across their various teams. The fact I was supported to do this in my work time was incredible. I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help.”

Our work has had a lasting impact

“It was an amazing success: in six months we’d already reached our goal of 100 donations, which is enough blood to save up to 300 lives. A year and a half later, the project lives on – a lot of my colleagues now donate regularly, and some have donated six times since. I never imagined it would get to this scale, and it’s incredible there was a platform for me to do this.”


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