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Tips for a healthy mind

In 2017 we announced our partnership with Mental Health UK, working with them to help promote awareness about mental health issues. We believe that giving people tips to look after themselves – especially at stressful times like graduating or finishing school – will make a big difference to communities throughout the country.

So, whether you’re studying hard or starting a new career, make yourself a cuppa and take a moment to read these tips.

Get some balance

If you spend whole days at your desk, you might feel like you’re being productive, but we all need balance. Take time to rest, and also time for your hobbies – after all, whether you love baking or basketball, you’ll be using skills that are hugely valuable when you start your career. Plus, doing them will help you feel happy.


Give something back

People who are interested in helping others are more likely to say that they feel happy. Find ways to do things for the people around you. If you can, volunteer for a local cause. Give unwanted clothes to a charity shop or donate to a food bank. Helping others to feel good will help you feel good too.

Look after your physical health

When life gets busy, it’s easy to fall into bad habits: scrimping on sleep, grabbing quick and easy junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But being physically well is an important part of being mentally well. Exercise where you can, whether that’s cycling to college or leaving the house for a lunchtime stroll.

At LBG, we care about giving back to our colleagues and the community, which is why we’ve created the Get The Inside Out campaign with Mental Health UK. It’s a national campaign to end the silence on mental health issues and encourage more people to talk about the things that matter.


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