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Reasonable Adjustments and Positive Action Assessment Scheme

What are ‘Reasonable Adjustments’ and why are they available?

We want to ensure that all candidates are able to compete on an equal basis.

People with long term health conditions and/or disabilities might face barriers or challenges with certain aspects of our selection process which will prevent them being able to give their best and compete on an equal basis with candidates who are not disabled. The result is that we will risk needlessly excluding or filtering out valuable talent from our organisation.

We will make reasonable adjustments to our selection process to ensure that people with long term health conditions and/or disabilities are not at a disadvantage during the process and can compete on an equal basis with people who do not have those conditions and/or disabilities.

What kind of adjustments can be made?

Adjustments vary greatly depending on the specific needs or circumstances of the individual and the best way to identify the most suitable adjustments is for us to speak with you. As an example, reasonable adjustments may include the following:

  • Providing alternative format materials (letters, test materials, etc.), e.g. large print, Braille, audio.
  • Accommodating support workers, e.g. sign language interpreters, carers, assistance dogs.
  • Understanding and accommodating specific communication needs, e.g. lip reading.

Please contact a member of the team by emailing or calling 0345 330 4576 if you are unsure whether this may apply to you, or what sort of adjustment might be possible. Our team will seek to understand your needs and advice what support or adjustments are available.

If I have a disability - do I have to tick the Positive Action Assessment Scheme box?

Not at all. If you have a disability and wish to tick the box to secure the benefits of the Positive Action Assessment Scheme, then you are very welcome. Equally if you would prefer not to then this is also fine and you will still be entitled to receive reasonable adjustments throughout the process if your application is proceeded with.

People with disabilities often fear that if they disclose a disability when applying for a job they will be discriminated against. Disclosure of a disability is not mandatory. However, we would encourage you to do so in order for us to be able to make reasonable adjustments for you and to support you through the selection process to give you the best opportunity to demonstrate your skills and abilities and give you an equal opportunity of success.


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