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“I’m studying to become a qualified accountant.”

Catarina Barros, Finance Graduate

Cat Barros Finance Graduate Scheme

Balancing exams with working full time, Cat is becoming a qualified accountant as part of her graduate scheme.


Even with her busy schedule, she still finds the time to teach colleagues how to code.

Doing an industrial placement year was a great taster for the graduate scheme

“Before applying for the graduate scheme, I did an industrial placement year here at Lloyds Banking Group. It was fantastic in terms of development and gave me a really good insight into what the bank is all about. I loved it so much I chose to come back as a graduate.”

I’m studying to become a qualified accountant

“By the time I finish my graduate scheme, I’ll be a qualified accountant. Juggling work and studying can be a challenge, but it’s good, too, as I’m learning how to manage my time and prioritise my workload.”

I’ve learned how to lead a project

“In my second placement I was tasked with pulling together an interactive dashboard for senior managers to track broker leads. I didn’t know how to do all of it, so I had to call on the expertise of different team members to help me pull it together. It was a great thing to do so early on, as it made me realise that I actually knew more than I thought I did about banking.”

Everyone is encouraged to succeed

“I feel I’m constantly growing, and the support I get from my managers is amazing. We have regular check-ins where we discuss career goals and any development points I want to work on. When they say they want us to become the leaders of the future, you can tell they really mean it.”

I’m teaching my colleagues to code

“I wanted to put my coding skills to use so I joined WeCode, a programme that helps others at the bank learn to code. Before lockdown it was really popular, so to keep the momentum going we’re releasing coursework-style challenges for those who want to continue learning remotely.”

I’m mentoring young women to pursue their dreams

“Something I’m really passionate about is WISE, an outreach programme designed to encourage girls to pursue careers in STEM. We spend time in schools (and now online) educating them about the opportunities that are out there and guiding them through their choices.” 

With each placement you're constantly evolving

“I loved spending time in different areas of the business – I think it gives you a wider understanding of how it all works.”

Finance Graduate Scheme

Do you have a mind for analytics? In our Finance graduate scheme, you'll design strategies that help our clients and business partners to prepare for the future and grow in a fast-changing industry.

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