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“I’m helping support businesses during the pandemic.”

Natasha Vassell, Commercial Banking Graduate

Natasha Vassell Commercial Banking Graduate Scheme

Whether it’s helping the bank roll out the Covid-19 government schemes to support businesses during the pandemic, mentoring young women about the industry, or formulating her own natural beauty products out of hours, Natasha wants to make a difference in people’s lives.

Our work is helping businesses during the economic shift

“Seeing the bank’s response to Covid-19 has been incredible. They moved very fast and responded right away to clients’ needs. In my role, I’ve been helping to define the criteria for government loans and providing training material to staff on how to support clients during these challenging times. I’ve been able to see the tangible results of my work right away, and that’s been very gratifying.”

I’m encouraged to progress my skills

“My manager is very supportive and gave me a lot of responsibility early on. Just a few months into the graduate scheme, I was already putting together an interactive dashboard to monitor my team’s progress. I felt I quickly gained a strong understanding of my role and department within the bank.”

We’re a tight-knit group

“I got to know my fellow grads really well right from the beginning. Before we started, we all got invited to join a Facebook group so that we could get to know people ahead of time. This helped us to hit the ground running as soon as we got here. It helps too that it’s a nice diverse group of people, and we all make an effort to be there for each other.”

I’m mentoring young women about the banking industry

“I feel it’s really important to act as a positive role model, so I was excited to get involved in our Women of the Future Ambassadors Programme. This is aimed at secondary schools, with the goal of helping to demystify our industry and encourage more female applicants. I’m especially passionate about it because I benefitted from the programme myself when I was a student – I wouldn’t be here today without it.”

We have a great work-life balance

“There’s a big focus on health and wellbeing at the bank – even more so now since lockdown. Currently, we have bi-weekly catch-ups so we can discuss how we’re feeling and voice any concerns. We’re also encouraged to work regular hours and to keep work and private time separate. This means I can more easily focus on my side gig – which is formulating my own natural beauty products!”

The work is fulfilling, the culture is supportive

“What I love is that it’s a fast-paced, forward-thinking environment, where people are always encouraging you to evolve and grow.”

Commercial Banking Graduate Scheme

Do you love analysing trends? In our Commercial Banking graduate scheme, you could use your skills to spot opportunities – and help UK businesses invest and grow globally.

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