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How to Apply: Software Engineering Industrial Placement

If you’re interested in building the next generation of banking, developing your skills at the UK’s largest digital bank and working on the frontline of emerging technologies, we want to hear from you.

We want to see applications from people of all backgrounds and have created a recruitment process to give all candidates the opportunity to excel. We are proud to nurture an inclusive work environment where colleagues are encouraged to be their true selves and fully reach their potential. Due to the technical nature of this scheme, you’ll need a good understanding of at least one modern programming language or framework, a love of technology and a strong will to learn.

So, if you are on track for a 2:2 degree or above and are in your penultimate year at University looking for an Industrial Placement year, then apply now. Our biggest tip for the application process is just to be yourself! If you share our vision, are eager to learn and can help push us forward, then we want you.

Closing dates

Our Software Engineering Industrial Placement is currently closed for applications.

Please note that you need to have completed both your application and online assessment prior to the indicated closing date in order to proceed with your application.

There are four stages in the application process for a Software Engineering Industrial Placement:  

Stage 1: Application and Online Assessment

Application Form

Check out the opportunities we have available and decide what’s right for you. Once you’ve found the ideal opportunity, click the apply button. You will then be asked to register and provide us with some details about yourself. We don’t ask you for a CV and we don’t rely solely on your past successes. During all stages we are looking for you to share our values and demonstrate your potential.

For queries regarding reasonable adjustments and equal opportunities, check out our FAQs.

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Online Assessment

Our Online Assessment will provide you with insight into Lloyds Banking Group and an understanding of how we support our customers and the wider community. You will be guided through the assessment which should take around 90 minutes (though don’t worry if you complete it in more/less time). We recommend you find a quiet spot free from distractions and have pen, paper and calculator ready.

We’ll give you a feedback report within a few days of completing the first stage and we’ll let you know if you’ve been successful on progressing to the next stage.

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Step 2: Technical Testing

The Software Engineering Technical Test invitation will arrive by email and include a link to the relevant site. There will be a number of questions and you will have an option as to which language/framework you wish to respond with.

We hope you’ll already have completed some practice tests (lessons 1-4 and 16-17 on this website) and will be feeling reasonably confident, but if you get stuck on anything, we recommend you do as much as you can before moving onto the next test.

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Stage 3: Job Insight Assessment

If you are successful at the Technical Testing stage, you will be invited to complete the Job Insight Assessment. This stage will allow you to better understand the activities and type of project you might get involved with at Lloyds Banking Group. As you work through these, we will be looking to assess how you approach different challenges in a variety of true to life situations. The Job Insight Assessment stage will take approximately 60 minutes to complete so as with our Online Assessment, choose a quiet spot and be prepared for any notes you may want to jot down.

If you are successful, we’ll get back in touch again to invite you to an Assessment Day, which is the final stage of the process.

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Stage 4: Assessment Day

The final stage of the application process will be a Virtual Assessment Day.  

The Virtual Assessment Day will be a full day of face to face assessment via MS teams. It will work in a similar way to a face to face Assessment Day, with numerous candidates and assessors in attendance.  Tasks will include short problem-solving style activities, a 1 2 1 interview as well as group-based activities. 

While there is nothing specific you can prepare in advance we do recommend you are able to articulate why you are considering a career with Lloyds Banking Group, and in particular, the scheme you have applied for.

But the day isn’t just about us assessing you - you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Lloyds Banking Group, our Values and our Culture. You’ll get to meet (virtually!) the Assessors who are Colleagues at Lloyds Banking Group, and some of our current Graduates who can tell you about their own journey and answer your questions.

If you’re advised that you’ve passed the Job Insight Assessment Stage and you will then be invited to attend one of our virtual assessment events, and will be asked to book onto one session.

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Find out more about our Software Engineering Industrial Placement

Find out more
Here are some application tips to help you at each stage of the way
1. Take some time to think about why

We want to know how you feel about our industry and why it interests you. And since our purpose is to Help Britain Prosper, we’d love to hear examples of how you live our values. Whether it’s your experience of volunteering or your ambitions to get involved in our charity work, how can you help us achieve our purpose while achieving yours?

2. Think about your strengths

Strengths-based interviews are a bit different from traditional assessments. We’d like to learn about what you’re naturally good at, so be prepared to show us how you do things across various exercises – on your own and with a group – on our assessment days.

3. Let us know if you need extra support

We recognise that everyone is different, and we’ve tried to make our application process accessible to everyone. Get in touch if you have any accessibility requirements or need any other help to complete your application and interview: / 0345 330 4576.

One last thing...

Above all, we want to see the real you. We’re not interested in perfectly performed responses and learned answers. We want to hear what you’re truly passionate about, and why you believe this scheme is right for you. So, be yourself! We’re looking forward to meeting you.

If you have any questions about the assessment process or want to talk to us about any special requirements, contact us at: / 0345 330 4576.

Contact us

Questions for us? Fire away.

Eager to know more about one of our schemes? Keen to find out exactly what it means to build the bank of the future? If there’s anything we haven’t covered, feel free to email us or you can call 0345 330 4576.


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